Thoughts I’ve Had About Pretty Little Liars

Thoughts I’ve Had About Pretty Little Liars

Hello lovelies,
welcome back to my blog!

Let’s talk about one of my favourites shows. Pretty Little Liars. What a wonderfully tangled relationship I have with it. Amongst being completely addictive, it’s always there for me when all I want to do is sit in bed and watch Netflix, and you can’t go through twitter without finding a tweet about how frustrating it is to find out who A is!

I thought it would be a little bit of fun to put together some thoughts I’ve had whilst watching this magnificent show.

(P.s If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read on.)

Hannah’s wardrobe is what dreams are made of!

Seriously, why can’t I have her clothes? Hannah can wear the hell out of anything. I’m so envious.

Have they ever heard of the silent button?

Why is your phone on loud when you’re sneaking around? That’s doesn’t make any sense!

The boys are HOT!

My favourite is definitely Caleb. Or is it Ezra? Ohhh but Toby! Can I just like all 3? A girl’s gotta have options after all!

Who the hell is A? Seriously!

Who is A? “They are!” “No they are” “They have to be!” You think it’s everyone at least once and is seriously frustrating!

What ever happened to safety in numbers?

It’s common sense that when you’re in a dangerous place, the last thing you want to do is split up, right? Or is that just my thinking?

Why is Alison such a bitch?

The girl is literal poison in the first few seasons. And yet the girls can’t get enough of her! Baffles me.

Spencer, pick a boy and keep him!

When Spencer picked Toby, I was over the moon! But let’s face it, she gets almost anyone she wants!

What’s the deal with Ravenswood?

I’ve never been so confused by a place before. And to my recollection, it doesn’t get answered either. Can anyone help with this?

Aria’s room is perfection!

I’ve never wanted a room so badly. The wallpaper is awesome, and her bed looks comfy as hell! Why can’t I have it!

Stop being a pushover Emily!

She’s completely loyal to Alison, I get that. But the moment she got a back bone, was a wonderful day.

Why can’t I have girlfriends like these?

I’m seriously jealous that I don’t even have one girlfriend, let alone three,┬áthat have your back no matter what!

By far, this will always be one of my favourite shows. One more season to go, and then I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to miss it. And yes I can rewatch it, but it’ll never have the same impact as it always did the first time I saw it.

Do you like Pretty Little Liars and had some of the same thoughts? Or maybe you’ve had different ones? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear them!

Until next time little liars!

M x



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