Things To Brighten Up Your Desk

Things To Brighten Up Your Desk

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We all know desks can be boring. As a social media account manager, I spend a lot of time in front of a desk, as do most other people with desk jobs. As much as I love my job, I believe it is also important to make my desk, my own. Over the last 9 months, I’ve brought a few things to work, to personalise my desk. So here are a few of those things that can help brighten any desk, whether in work, or at home. Enjoy!

Copper Potted Plant

I absolutely love small plants. Real or fake. Almost as much as I love the copper/rose gold. Indoor plants are the perfect way to add some green to your desk. From New Look.

Mini Zen Garden

This was the first thing I bought to add to my desk. Working in an office can sometimes be stressful, so I thought this would be absolutely perfect. It’s so fun making different patterns in the sand. And obviously had to add Baby Groot! From Amazon.

Rabbit Shaped Phone Holder

If you’re like me and find yourself picking your phone up every 2 minutes, even for no reason. Then I suggest getting a phone holder. Oddly enough, it’s made me break that habit. And it’s adorable! From Amazon.

Chrome Mug

I was after a new mug for home and fell in love with this beautiful detail and colour of this one. I went through a bit of a chrome obsession before rose gold became more popular. Having your own mug adds just a little more personalisation to your desk. From Next.

Miscellaneous Clutter

Even little things can help brighten up an area. And if they mean something to you, it’s even better. The marble is from my boyfriend, when we went to the House of Marbles not too long ago. He let me pick one and this was my favourite. The stone is from a pebble beach somewhere in Scotland, where my boyfriend and I took our first trip together. Silly little reminders like these make me so happy that I have those memories with him.

Rectangular Pen Holder

This is a must have for any desk. Especially for me, when I’m forever losing pens in my desk draws. It’s really handy having them in front of me. The pen holder is actually the bottom half of a birch box from last December. I just love the colours and I find it’s perfect for what I needed it to do.

Paperchase Notepads

Now who doesn’t love Paperchase? Their stationery is to die for. When I first started my job, I knew I would need to make a lot of notes, and set out to Paperchase to find the perfect notepads. I came across these two A4 lined beauties. Everyone needs notepads after all! From Paperchase.

So that’s it so far. I do plan to add more bits and bobs to my desk in the future. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and has given you a little inspiration for your own.

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