My 22nd Birthday Wishlist

Hello lovelies,

What a long month January has been. A lot happens for me in January. Back to work, cold weather, no money from Christmas, my dad’s birthday on the 26th, trying and failing to work out, setting up new goals, the list goes on and on. But at the end of this dull month, there’s a little light. My birthday.

I turn 22 on the 1st of February, and honestly, instead of being filled with anxiety about what I’ve achieved in all of the 22 years I’ve been around, I’m actually incredibly proud of myself. This last year has been such a roller coaster, but I feel as though I’ve handled it like a boss, and because of that, I’m looking forward to checking off another year of my life.

Of course, turning 22 is special enough, but let’s not forget about one vital thing. A wish list! There is nothing worse then being asked what you want for your birthday, and not having any answers, and for the first time in years, I actually know what I want! But just because it’s on my wish list, doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for someone else too! Have a friends or family member’s birthday coming up? No problem. Need inspiration for what you want for your own birthday? Worry not. This is what wish lists are for. Enjoy!

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Wishlist | Boohoo Party Glam

Hello lovelies!

With Christmas coming up, it means one thing. The much loved Christmas work do. Whether you’re going to dinner, dancing or just quiet drinks, it’s a great excuse to shop for the perfect look to impress all of your colleagues!

But there’s always one question in our minds. What on earth am I going to wear? And if you’re like me, a little melt down too. (Or is that just me?)

Well this year I won’t be panicking! I’ve compiled a list of the perfect party dresses from my favourite online store, I hope you find inspiration and as always, enjoy!

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